Music from 12-06-05

I’ve taken a few months off of posting music here but I’m back in the saddle now. It took a while to get my work flow down after my move to Boston. So I’ll be archiving all my new and old music again.

This is an [tag]iPod[/tag] recording of a [tag]60bpm[/tag] [tag]slow blues[/tag] in the key of [tag]G[/tag]. It’s got a nice and easy [tag]gospel[/tag] feel.

1:40 – [tag]frenetic[/tag] and [tag]spacious[/tag] [tag]piano solo[/tag] with lots of chordal experimentation.

4:50 – Part of a [tag]Charlie Parker[/tag] solo.

6:15 – Working on a [tag]turnaround[/tag] or ending.

[tag]LIVE[/tag] [tag]piano[/tag] [tag]blues[/tag] [tag]acoustic bass[/tag] [tag]piano trio[/tag]