Music from 12-16-05c

[tag]PRACTICING[/tag] [tag]Bb[/tag] [tag]rhythm changes[/tag] on the [tag]Hammond[/tag] organ at [tag]130bpm[/tag].

0:00 – [tag]Walking bass[/tag].

1:30 – Right hand comps.

2:30 – [tag]Perdido[/tag].

3:40 – [tag]Organ solo[/tag].

7:15 – My roommate Jed knocks on the door with a good friend, Dan.

7:50 – I give them a [tag]funky[/tag] demo of my [tag]Nord Lead[/tag] while I jam along on the [tag]clav[/tag] and the [tag]Trinity[/tag].


7 thoughts on “Music from 12-16-05c”

  1. What I like about this one is how much better I play when someone’s around. Part of it’s showing off and part of it is having a listener to communicate with. It’s pretty interesting. 🙂

  2. I find this myself after recording with my good friend Steve Moss (guitar and bass) I love to lay down a fresh vocal as it captures an excitement that cannot be created on your own! Aren’t we fortunate to have the gift of Music!

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