C#min 110bpm 04-10-07

A whole bunch of funky blips and bleeps in C#min at 110bpm. I’ve got a hook to go with this but have yet to record it.

C#min 110bpm

4 thoughts on “C#min 110bpm 04-10-07”

  1. Nice, Graham! That’s some funky stuff from planet funkadelic.

    I’ll be looking for a composer sometime soon for some podcast intro music. You are now on my list of people to ask! Thanks for Tweeting this.

  2. Thanks. I use Logic Pro. I’ve messed around in Reason and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve seen Live demos and it rocks. But I’m primarily a songwriter and I’m trying to put my time into one app that will get the job done. But I could still see myself getting into Live as a songwriting and performance tool.

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