Music for 07-13-06b

Melody added. I came back from the pub after a couple of… ahem… a few pints with a melody inspired by the divine feminine. Awww yeah.

0:00 – [tag]Hammond[/tag] organ, [tag]wurly[/tag], and [tag]clav[/tag] in [tag]Amin[/tag] over a [tag]105bpm[/tag] [tag]Apple Loop[/tag] ([tag]Hip Hop Money Beat[/tag]).

2:33 – [tag]organ solo[/tag].

5:20 – [tag]wah wah clav[/tag].

6:12 – [tag]clav solo[/tag].

8:23 – organ solo.

I planed mostly in [tag]Dorian[/tag] but i think it would sound better in [tag]Aeolian[/tag].

[tag]MULTI TRACK[/tag] [tag]funky[/tag] [tag]vocal[/tag] [tag]helium[/tag] [tag]melody[/tag] [tag]ToWrite[/tag]