Music from 04-09-06

I’m playing with C and F. Not finding anything on that first try for contrast.

bar 25: Second take.

32: Here comes a pattern of mine. Going from C/E to F then to B flat and walking down to the V (Gsus) from there.

45: Third take. I stretch my contrasting pattern out on this try. Looking for a melody.

76: Playing with modes a little to feel the sound of the changes.

100: I’m finding a melody.

My timing’s pretty hideous in this example.

112: Nice countermelody developing in the right hand. I like the G over the F at bar 127.

135: I like the deep sound and subtle tension of the D4 over the chord progression.

148: Nice call and response between the octaves.

167: I find that melody again.

To me, it’s more like background music for a movie scene or something like that.